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Title An excerpt from SMIC (Seoul National University Midas Investment Club) recruiting recommendation essay.
Date 2021-02-17

It is as follows.


SMIC Alumni(5th) Dooyong Kim
CEO of Must Asset Management


Majority of us start facing stock for the first time from the superficial advantage that unearned income may be possible relative to our wage income.
However, minority of us with ponderance and prudence get to deeply think about investment and get to be gradually addicted to investment itself for the sustainability of the income from investment.
As it is the case in any fields that requires depth, it is better to start deep thinking earlier.

Also, in real life, there is a high chance of never going into the depth for good if you do not reach a certain depth before you start your career.

In that sense, I think that college life is not only the best but also the last moment to deeply think about investment itself.

For the methodology, SMIC activities may not be the only way, but I think that it is quite a realistic way that is proven for a long term.

I strongly believe that there is no sustainable unearned income in investment.

However, I am firmly convinced that there is a sustainable income in investment.

I am in the long journey of examining that strong conviction now at Must,

but I was doing it at SMIC when I was in college.


Through sustainable income from investment,

I wish you all appreciate sustainable happiness in life.


Important additional note)

Must Asset Management research division is hiring year-round.

We will be waiting for the ardent applicant.

Feb 22, 2018

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