Must exists solely for investment excellence.

HR Philosophy

The candidate we want is detailed below.

  • Person of Integrity
  • We prioritize integrity over talent. We can not work with anyone who lacks integrity even if she/he is gifted. We prefer honest, transparent and warm-hearted people.

  • A DO-er
  • We prefer people who get things done to those who do things well. Simply working on a given task in a set way is not enough. We prefer people who have the desire, aggressiveness and perseverance even when tackling difficult and unprecedented tasks.

  • Modest Pride
  • Our goal is not to be No.1. We want to be the Only 1. As we do not dream of being No.1, we can be modest. As we dream of being the Only 1, we can take pride. Every employee should have the same mindset.

  • Meticulous
  • Those who lack attention to detail should not take on any important tasks. We want employees who are exact and meticulous even when doing something trivial.

  • Knowing the Weight of 1%
  • Markets can force our asset value to fluctuate over 10% in a day. But Must values the weight of 1%. Those who do not comprehend the weight of 1% cannot become an important presence in the asset management industry.

  • Knowing the Value of $1
  • Markets can force our asset value to fluctuate by hundreds of thousands of dollars in an instant. But, Must understands the value of a single dollar. Those who do not comprehend the value of $1 cannot become an important presence in the company.

  • Numerical Sense
  • Regardless of the type of work we are doing, what we ultimately trust and rely on should be verified through numbers. There should not be any fear when handling numbers.

FSC Announcement 2015-29 on Investment Advisory and Discretionary Investment Business Registration FSC Announcement 2016-597 on Hedge Fund Business Registration FSC Announcement 2022-383 on Retail Fund Business Authorization