Must exists solely for investment excellence.

At a Glance

The one and only Must Asset Management.


Sticking with the craftsman’s spirit.

  • Ownership

    Ownership is the soul. 100% is not necessary, but absolute ownership is a must.

  • Board of Directors

    Investment should never be undermined by corporate self-interests. We believe the chief investment officer should be the CEO and chairman of the board.

  • Attracting Clients

    Word-of-mouth should be our No.1 strategy to attract new clients even if it is slower.

  • Sales

    When we are not overflowing with investment ideas, we do not invite any additional clients. The quality of investment should not be compromised for sales.

  • Managers

    Our people are our most precious asset. However, we never regret not taking gifted people who lack integrity.

  • Sustainability

    We definitely avoid the temptation of taking every step faster. Must is a company that is going to go the distance.

Company Introduction
  • Name

    Must Asset Management Inc.

  • Goal

    Retail fund, Hedge fund, Discretionary investment, Investment advisory.

  • Address

    3F, Lynn Square, 39, Eonju-ro 30-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea.

  • Phone


  • Founded

    Apr. 26, 2006 (company split : Sep. 4, 2015).

  • Shareholder Composition

    Must Holdings Inc. (100%).

Company History
  • Apr. 2006

    Must Investment was founded.

  • Apr. 2009

    Registered for discretionary investment business. Changed the name to Must Investment Advisory.

  • Mar. 2010

    Registered for investment advisory business.

  • Sep. 2015

    Company split (approved by Financial Supervisory Commission).

  • Spun off discretionary investment and investment advisory business as 100%-owned subsidiary.

  • Retained the name of Must Investment Advisory.

  • Remaining company retained as holding company and changed the name to Must Holdings.

  • Sep. 2016

    Registered as hedge fund. Changed the name to Must Asset Management.

  • Jan. 2017

    Registered for foreign exchange business.

  • Oct. 2022

    Registered and licensed for retail fund business.

FSC Announcement 2015-29 on Investment Advisory and Discretionary Investment Business Registration FSC Announcement 2016-597 on Hedge Fund Business Registration FSC Announcement 2022-383 on Retail Fund Business Authorization